COVID-19 Response

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COVID-19 has presented many challenges for all members of our community and has changed the way health services are delivered. This includes the way that Speech Pathology services are delivered.

Speech Pathology is considered an essential service by the Australian government. At Neuro SLP, Belinda McDonald keeps up to date with the Federal Department of Health, NSW Ministry of Health and Speech Pathology Australia advice to ensure all services are delivered safely and in line with current health advice.

Some of the changes Neuro SLP has made include the following:

  • Neuro SLP uses telehealth as the primary way of delivering Speech Pathology services. This includes assessment and therapy for communication and swallowing difficulties.
  • When telehealth isn’t best option for someone, Neuro SLP follows health directives and recommendations for in-person service delivery. This includes:
    • wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) as required by Ministry of Health advice and as appropriate for Speech Pathology service delivery, such as gloves and surgical/N95 masks;
    • using a face shield in addition to other required PPE when seeing residents in aged care facilities;
    • conducting hand hygiene on entry and when leaving a private residence or aged care facility;
    • conducting a temperature check prior to entering a private residence, and asking screening questions to check the home environment is safe to enter;
    • maintaining a distance of 1.5m wherever possible;
    • complying with aged care facility requirements such as completing screening questions and temperature checks on entry;
    • regular cleaning of equipment that may be handled during a session such as pens, iPad and stethoscope; and
    • limiting the number of in-person appointments each day.

Neuro SLP continuously monitors the COVID-19 situation and responds quickly to changes in health advice. Get in touch with Belinda McDonald if you’d like more information about Neuro SLP’s response to COVID-19.